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2nd International Conference of Marine Fungal Natural Products (MaFNaP_2017)

27.06.2017 29.06.2017

This event will gather an international audience to discuss new developments and approaches within the field, enhance awareness on marine fungi as a sustainable resource for blue biotechnology and highlight the potential of marine fungal metabolites in various areas. It also serves as a forum for networking and promotion of young scientists working in the field. 

Abstracts will be considered for short talks or poster presentation. Selected posters will also be given the opportunity to be presented during short flash presentations.

This conference is organised in collaboration with the European Society for Marine Biotechnology.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Russell Kerr, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Prof. Dr. Anake Kijjoa, University of Porto, Portugal

  • Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer, Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany 

  • Prof. Dr. Frank Kempken, Kiel University, Germany

  • Prof. Dr. Nina Gunde-Cimerman, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Dr. Thomas Vanagt, ABS-int, Belgium

  • Prof. Dr. Johannes F. Imhoff, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany

  • Dr. Marlis Reich, University of Bremen, Germany

  • Dr. Catherine Roullier, University Nantes, France

  • Prof. Dr. Eva Stukenbrock, Kiel University and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology Plön, Germany


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