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Himmelfahrtstagung "Models for Developing and Optimising Biotech Production"

22.05.2017 24.05.2017

The "Himmelfahrtstagung" – a 3-day annual conference happening the week before Ascension Day – is the main event for Bioprocess and Biochemical engineers in Germany. Special features of this conference are the high number of participants form industry, an open culture of discussion amongst the participants as well as sufficient time for the scientific exchange.

The conference is organized by the Biochemical Engineering working party of DECHEMA – Germany’s Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. In 2017 the event is co-organized with the Measurement and Control of Bioprocesses working party of DECHEMA.

The ‘Himmelfahrtstagung’ serves as a platform for young scientists to present their results to the scientific community. As such, young researches are invited to submit their work to the committee for getting the chance of presentation, irrespective of the core topic of the conference.


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