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Metabolic Engineering 12

24.06.2018 28.06.2018

The Metabolic Engineering Conference is the world-leading conference to share premium developments and achievements in the field. The theme of this year's conference is systems metabolic engineering for superior bio-production.  The conference is chaired by Christoph Wittmann and Oskar Zelder.

Plenary Speakers:

  • Frances Arnold, Caltech
  • Martin Brudermüller, BASF

Keynote Speakers:

Session 1: Systems biology and multi omics insights: Jens Nielsen, Chalmers 
Session 2: Synthetic biology and genome editing: Jay Keasling, UC Berkley
Session 3: Metabolic engineering and adaptive evolution: Jack Pronk, TU Delft
Session 4: Design and assembly of metabolic pathways: Tobias Erb, MPI Marburg
Session 5: Metabolic engineering of microroganisms:  Kristala Prather, MIT
Session 6: Metabolic engineering of higher life: Martin Fussenegger, ETH Zurich
Session 7: From lab to industry - high value molecules: Christina Smolke,  Stanford 
Session 8: From lab to industry - big volume chemicals: Sang-Yup Lee, KAIST
Session 9: On the horizon: Greg Stephanopoulos, MIT
Workshop I: Modelling: Vassily Hatzimanikatis,  EPFL

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