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Reihe virtueller Workshops „Path forward for naming the uncultivated“ von Ramon Rossello-Mora:


Dear colleagues and friends,

As you may know, an important debate on how MAGs and SAGs could gain a stable and official nomenclatural status has occurred in the last years. There has been an unsuccessful intend to implement some changes in the Bacteriological Code that would allow the uncultured taxa, referenced by their genomes, to be named under an stable framework. Taxonomists and molecular ecologists have foreseen an alternative path to solve this problem ( by creating an independent code that would rule the nomenclature of prokaryotes in where DNA sequences will be the type material.

As a step to move forwards the new path, we have organized a series of virtual workshops free of charges but with required registration. Attached you will find the Announcement leaflet, and the whole information can be found here:

The purpose of these workshops is to bring together the international community of microbial scientists to create awareness of progress being made towards developing a solution for naming uncultivated Archaea and Bacteria. A new, alternative code for naming uncultivated organisms, the “Un-Code”, is currently in development. These virtual workshops will provide background, a roundtable panel discussion, and a forum for community input.

If you would like to be informed, or to participate, please register, the registration is open!

We are facing a new era for the nomenclature of prokaryotes, and your opinion may be essential for this endeavor.

Sincerely, Ramon

Erste Termine

4./5. Februar 2021
11./12. Februar 2021