Umweltmikrobiologie - Rückblick

Beitrag in BIOspektrum 04/20 von A. Probst und R. Meckenstock zum FG-Symposium auf der VAAM Jahrestagung 2020, vom 8.-11. März in Leipzig.

VAAM-Minisymposium auf der gemeinsamen Tagung von VAAM und DGHM in Würzburg, am 6. März 2017

Concepts to tackle complexity: applying theory to microbial communities

Invited speaker: Dr. Stephanie Widder, University of Vienna

Microbial communities are of major importance for all aspects of life on earth as they determine ecosystem functions, drive biogeochemical cycles, and influence human health. Yet, despite their significance, the composition and functioning of microbial consortia remains challenging to predict and control. We believe that progress in this field needs to arise from an advancement in ecological theory applicable to microbes and from empirical studies guided by theory. In this session we therefore aim to bring together researchers from various fields such as microbiology, theoretical ecology and evolution, systems biology, bioinformatics and genetics that apply theoretical concepts towards a predictive understanding of microbial communities.