Company Memberships

As a company member, your company benefits from the following advantages:

  • the VAAM annual conference is an important platform for networking the German microbiology scene, here initial discussions can be held for recruiting young talent on site;
  • Reduced participation fees for 2 employees of the company at the VAAM conferences;
  • Discounted stand rentals at the VAAM conference;
  • Free display of advertising at the conference as well as one insert per annual conference in the conference bags;
  • Free subscription of BIOspektrum as well as the conference proceedings to 2 contact persons of the company;
  • We place a company link (with or without logo - as desired) on the VAAM homepage;
  • Free publication of job advertisements on the VAAM homepage and the VAAM social media channels.

The membership fee depends on the size of the company. If you are interested in corporate membership, please contact the VAAM office or the treasurer. You can find the application for corporate membership hier.

We thank our corporate members for their support::

In addition to corporate membership, we gratefully acknowledge support for the VAAM Research Award and the VAAM Doctoral and Poster Prizes, which are awarded at the Annual Meeting.
The sponsors of the VAAM PhD prizes are currently: BASF SE, Bayer AG, Evonik AG, New England Biolabs GmbH.

The poster prizes at the annual meetings are donated by Springer/ BIOspektrum.