• The Hans Günter Schlegel Lecture honours outstanding scientific achievements in microbiology in Germany and the recipient should be a VAAM member.
  • The candidate is elected by the conference committee in consultation with the presidium.
  • Proposals for the HGS Lecture are collected in the office and made available to the respective conference presidents.

Prof. Regine Hengge from Humboldt University Berlin will give the Hans Günter Schlegel Lecture 2023 at the VAAM Annual Meeting 2023 in Göttingen, entitled:

"c-di-GMP signalling - the unexpected complexity of bacterial second messenger synthesis, function and turnover"


Prof Erhard Bremer from the University of Marburg will give the Hans Günter Schlegel Lecture 2022 at the VAAM Annual Conference 2023 in Göttingen, which did not take place as part of the Online Conference 2022.
Title: "Life under stress - osmotic forces at work"