Travel Grants for International Meetings


  • at least 1 year of membership in the VAAM at the time of application
  • application can be made up to a maximum of 5 years after the doctorate
  • active participation (poster presentation or lecture) required
  • endorsement by the professor and assurance that the participation cannot be financed to a substantial extent from other funds

The amount of the travel allowance is 300 Euros per person, regardless of the location of the conference.

The application must be submitted at least 1 month before the start of the conference using the download form
The allowance will be transferred after submission of the confirmation of participation and proof of active participation (poster presentation or lecture) by the office.
The total number of grants is limited to 16 per year (on first come-first serve basis), a maximum of 1 grant per member can be paid out per year, a maximum of 2 grants per working group per year.