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PhD position Environmental Microbiology (f/m/x) - UFZ Helmholtz Centre Leipzig

In the Bioavailability Group/ Department of Environmental Microbiology in the AquaDiva project Phages as Vectors and Indicators of Biological Information: Selective transport and consequences for nutrient release and cycling.
Contact: Dr. Lukas Wick
Application deadline: 06.07.2021
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PhD position – University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart)

At the Hohenheim Center for Livestock Microbiome Research (HolMiR): Metabolism of symbionts and pathobionts in the microbiota of the rumen. Contact: Prof. Dr. Julia Fritz-Steuber
Application deadline: 31.07.2021

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Wiss. Mitarbeiter/-in (w/m/d) - Universität Duisburg-Essen

Mitwirkung am Forschungsprojekt HotAcidFACTORY: Sulfolobus acidocaldarius als neuartige thermoacidophile Biofabrik (BMBF) - Nutzung v. industriellen Abfall und Beiprodukten in S. acidocaldarius und Charakterisierung von Enzymen aus dem zentralen Metabolismus. Campus Essen, 65% einer Vollzeitstelle, Bewerbungsschluss: 10.06.2021 Kontakt: Prof. Dr. B. Siebers

Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m/d) - Universität Jena

In the field of Microbial Ecology or Systems Biology at the Institute of Biodiversity/ Aquatic Geomicrobiology Group. 
Contact: Dr. Martina Herrmann
Application deadline: 27.06.2021

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Doctoral Researcher (f/m/d) - Universität Jena

At the Institute of Biodiversity/ Aquatic Geomicrobiology Group in DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre. Project: From the Forest Canopy to the Aquifer: Role of Microbial Processes in the Origin and Fate of Nitrate in the Earth´s Critical Zone Contact: Dr. Martina Herrmann
Application deadline: 20.06.2021

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PhD position - MedUni Graz

In the local PhD program RespImmun: The role of the microbiome and archaeome in chronic rhinosinusitis and sinubronchial syndrome. Contact: Prof. Dr. C. Moissl-Eichinger.
Application deadline: 09.06.2021

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