VAAM Industry-Academia Panel - Archiv/ Aufzeichnungen

  • 9. VAAM Industry-Academia Panel, 12.09.2023,Göttingen
    "Microbiology based Spin-offs: Insights from the transition of an academic idea to a business concept
    Dr. Marcel Hövels, Sweethoven Biotech, Bonn: "Sweethoven Biotech - Our exciting journey from academia to biotechnology"
    Dr. Luitpold Fried, Bind-X, München: "Bind-X: small molecules, huge impact"
    Jonas Ide, Evonik Venture Capital GmbH: "Successfully spin out your startup from university - a Venture Capital perspective"#
  • 8. VAAM Industry-Academia Panel, 20.07.2023
    "Recent advances in phage drug development & application"
    Dr. Silvia Würstle, Med. Klinik II, Infektiologie, Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt: Viruses - our allies? Bacteriophages in modern precision medicine
    Dr. Patrick Grossmann, Invitris GmbH, Garching: New applications of phage therapy enabled by cell-free technology
  • 7. VAAM Industry-Academia Panel, 25.05.2023
    "Anaerobes from Gut and Environment - Bacteroidota as Next generation Bioactives"
    Dipl.-Ing. Johanna Benning, Novozymes GmbH, Berlin
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Streit, Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of Hamburg
  • 1. VAAM Industry-Academia Panel, 19.5.2022
    Screening & Understanding of Microbial Production Strains“
    Dr. Georg Schaumann (CEO SenseUP GmbH, Jülich): Applying our technology to make a difference. Sustainability. Manufacturing. Health.
    Prof. Dr. Alexander Grünberger (Universität Bielefeld): Microfluidic single-cell cultivation: It is all about the environment.