Events and Conferences

  • 10.-13.09.2023, VAAM Annual Conference Göttingen
    Special group symposium The next generation in microbial omics
    Report in BS 06/23
  • 21.-25.11.2022 - Karlsruhe
    Workshop Single Cell Genomics, Organisation: Anne Kaster, KIT Karlsruhe
    Report in BS 01/23
  • 21.-23.02.2022 - VAAM Annual Conference Online
    Special group symposium 
    Report in BS 02/22
  • 17. 09.2020 - Online
    Virtual General Meeting of the Fachgruppe Bioinformatik (FaBI) at the German Conference on Bioinformatics GCB 2020 (
  • 09.03.2020 - Joing DGHM and VAAM Annual Conference Leipzig
    Special group symposium 
    Invited speakers: Ulrike Mäder (Greifswald), Robin Ohm (Utrecht) und Christian von Mering (Zürich)