Mikrobielle Viren - Termine

Dear members of the special interest group "Viruses of Microbes",

Matthew Aliota (UMN) and Lark Coffey (UC Davis) organize a weekly Virus Evolution virtual-seminar series. The talks start next week, if you are interested. There is a link provided for the registration at the bottom of this mail.


09/14: Paul Turner, Yale University

09/28: Greg Ebel, Colorado State University

10/05: Adam Lauring, University of Michigan

10/12: Colin Parrish, Cornell University

10/19: Kathy Hanley, New Mexico State University

10/26: Nathan Grubaugh, Yale University

11/02: Marilyn Roosinck, Penn State University

11/09: Sara Sawyer, University of Colorado

11/23: Louise Moncla, Fred Hutch

11/30: Julie Pfeiffer, UT Southwestern

12/07: Kim Seed, University of California, Berkeley

3:00-4:00 pm CST

Registration: https://umn.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMrceuoqDktGNe5TykqgNlZHROhQYle3O85

A pdf of the program can be downloaded here: https://drop.infini.fr/r/uQUTSmLaWU#eupjGSdNoAgocIRvnMlVrpxHFAMws+Kx4zu7Xdsmd/M=

Best regards

Tessa Quax and Stefanie Barbirz


Minisymposium auf der VAAM Jahrestagung 2021 in Düsseldorf: Molecular structures made by viruses

Nationale und internationale Termine :

Viruses of Microbes Meeting 2021: https://vom2020.org/

Gordon Conference Physical Virology 2021: https://www.grc.org/physical-virology-conference/2021/