Mikrobielle Viren - Newsletter und Rundschreiben an die Mitglieder

Newsletter September 2021

Dear Microbial Virologists,

It is time for an update on events in the microbial virus community. Good news first: We can meet soon – virtually at the DGHM conference (https://www.dghm-kongress.de/), from September 12-14, 2021.

For Tuesday afternoon, we would especially like to invite you to the workshop organized by our special interest group and to the “Fachgruppen”-Meeting.

Workshop 19: September 14th, 15:45 h – 16:45 h:  Microbial Viruses: Complexity in Biology and Potential in Diagnostics and Treatment (Participation at the workshop requires a registration at the DGHM conference) Besides two short oral presentations, we will have two invited speakers covering basic research and treatment:

- Andreas Peschel (Tübingen/DE): Phage-mediated inter-species gene exchange

- Christian Willy (Berlin/DE): Application of bacteriophages for patient treatment: current state

Fachgruppen-Meeting, Special Interest Group “Microbial Viruses”: September 14th, 18:00 h – 19:00 h. (No DGHM conference registration is needed to join the meeting!) We will discuss further directions and exchange information and hope to have a lively discussion.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/93573536290?pwd=ang4djdSZ3d4L0gxUDBSQ0x5N084dz09

We also want to draw your attention to Düsseldorf and the VAAM Jahrestagung (February 20th – February 23rd, 2022). We of course hope to meet you all in person – latest in February on the VAAM.

Our special interest group has registered for a Mini-Symposium, themed "Novel microbial viral defense systems beyond CRISPR". We are happy to announce that Prof. Karen Maxwell (University of Toronto) has accepted our invitation as a keynote speaker (find details on Karen’s research below*).

Please contact us if you want to participate in organizing an appropriate networking and discussion program around Karen’s visit next February or want to meet with Karen.

See you back soon!

Stefanie Barbirz, Evgeny Idelevich, Christiane Wolz, Tessa Quax


*Karen Maxwell is a biochemist by training and amongst the leading researchers in bacteriophage-mediated, bacterial virulence mechanisms and inhibition of bacterial phage-resistance systems. Her interdisciplinary research approach combines a methodology repertoire from structural biology, biochemistry and microbiology. With this, her team has recently shown new functions for bacterial phage defense via anthracyclines of Streptomyces (Nature 2018, 564, 283-286, doi:10.1038/s41586-018-0767-x.) or by interactions with the Pseudomonas quorum sensing (Mol. Cell 2021, 81, doi:10.1016/j.molcel.2020.12.011.).