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Newsletter Januar 2023


Dear colleagues and friends of the microbial viruses,

on behalf of all speakers of our joint VAAM/DGHM Special Interest Group, we wish you a happy and successful new research year, with many new fascinating insights from the microbial virus world!

Post-Covid times have finally arrived and our 2023 networking activities will benefit from that. Fundamental research on microbial viruses sets the grounds for future therapeutic applications. Importantly, the DZIF (Deutsches Zentrum für Infektionsforschung) has implemented the DZIF Translational Phage Network that will be a platform for exchange between clinicians and basic researchers.  Moreover, the DGI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Infektiologie) has set up a work group for a German guideline „Personalisierte Bakteriophagen-Therapie in Deutschland“. Represented by Tessa Quax and Stefanie Barbirz, our Special Interest Group is part of this group as an important partner for scientific advice and expert recruitment.

In-person meetings will be numerous this year and we are looking very forward to seeing you at one or more occasions. At the VAAM annual conference in September in Göttingen we will organize a Mini-Symposium. Please send us suggestions for topics and invited speakers until February 15th.

Evgeny Idelevich has been a DGHM-based speaker of our group until this year. Thank you Evgeny for your work! Want to see your tiny virus friends not only from a bench perspective and thought about engaging in the speakers’ committee of our special interest group? Then get in touch with Tessa Quax, Stefanie Barbirz or Christiane Wolz, we would be happy to meet you!

Best regards
Tessa, Stefanie and Christiane


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